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Project | 01
Go Green or Go Home | Freelance VO

I was hired to do some freelance voiceover work by my friends at Beckstein Productions.

Their client needed a game show host type for their "Go Green" initiative - and I also became an animated character!  Click the play button to have a look!

Project | 02
Letterbox | Live at the CAC

My band, Letterbox, recently performed at the Chesapeake Arts Center as part of their Story Time concert series.  We decided to record the whole show since this was a unique setting for us.  Video edited by yours truly.

To see more or discuss possible work, let's talk...
Project | 03
Karousel | What You Have Done

I had a group of young musicians book time at my home studio to work on recording their first original song.  I was enlisted to produce/mix/engineer the recording; they ended up shooting this video while they were here.  We've since gone on to collaborate again.

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